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5 Things to Instantly Improve Your Instagram Feed

Anybody who takes their Instagram game seriously knows the struggle of curating a cohesive Instagram feed. The endless thinking and series of hard decisions regarding which photos to post beside each other. The rearrangements in the planner apps seem like an endless process.

Therefore I decided to combine 5 instant tips to make your Instagram feed better, without any heavy editing or time-consuming efforts.

Tip One

The Power of Negative Space

As newbies, we all fall into one of the most common mistakes of overcrowding our pictures. Sometimes I still do. Just an extra item here or there added to our flatlay (although flatlay is a separate art form now!), too many colors and just overall too many things in the picture. If you put several ones beside each other it forms a chaos on your feed. You feel the need to “water” your content a bit. That’s okay. The solution to that is more negative space! Do not be afraid to left parts of your picture unoccupied. For outdoors I suggest involving the sky more and for indoors add more white parts, that also enhances the chicness of your overall feed.

The sky is a great example of negative space

Tip Two

Categorize and Rotate

To keep your audience interested and your feed diverse a good tip is to categorize the topics of your pictures and rotate them. Let’s say you love to post photos of coffee, outfits, and selfies. You don’t want to post two selfies directly after each other because that just looks silly! You get my point. I suggest you group your pictures into a maximum of 5 topics. That has more connection to Instagram strategies though, but a good rule of thumb.

Tip Three

Plan your Pictures

Planning ahead is always a powerful tool, and the planner apps give you the freedom to change the future, all the time! 😄 I have written a post about the most common planner apps, which can be useful. The main thing here is to know what you want out of these applications. Do you want auto-post, hashtag groups, stock photos to use for fillers on your feed or all of these? Choose according to your Instagram style and needs.

I’m currently using Planoly which has a mobile and a desktop view as well.

Example of a Planner App

Tip Four

Put More Emphasis on your Instagram Stories

A lot of Instagrammers use Instagram stories constantly and there is a good reason for it. It gets more engagement than your feed. With the algorithm and all, it is hard to pop up at the top, therefore, you need all resources to reach your audience. Instagram stories being at the top of the feed is a huge plus. It plays automatically if somebody just clicks on one and let’s be honest you can spend a good 20 minutes just discovering new ones, realizing you actually following interesting accounts. You can advertise your newest post, hence people more likely to visit your feed. Just stay interesting, post something really cool or educational. Let me know if you would love to read a post about creative Instagram story making! I’m here to help with all creative content creation. Ya know 😉

Tip Five + 1

Switch Up the Angles + Accessories are Powerful Tools

After a while, it gets boring to see the same thing, in the same position with the same surroundings. With that strategy, it is easy to lose interest. Try to spice up things: take photos from a lower angle, a higher angle or go for the weird ones. Experiment! You might be easily the next trendsetter if you have an enterprising attitude! Also, accessories can be a great source of help such as prisms or suncatchers. The props can really make your average photos look super interesting! I can only repeat myself, don’t be afraid to experiment!

I hope these instant tips will help you on the way to make your Instagram feed better and better! As always, if you have some question feel free to contact me, I’m here to help you!

Have a nice one! xx

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